Summer Camp FAQ

How do you get to camp?

    Kids Camp 

    There is a shuttle service from three spots around Vancouver to come to our two kids camp sessions.  During your registration you can chose your pick-up location or let us know that you want to drop your child off in Horseshoe Bay

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    Drop-off happens in Horseshoe Bay in the park on the waterfront. You won't miss it as the Fircom staff will be there leading games for the kids and helping everyone get to know each other before we whisk you onto a boat. Once you a registered an Information Package will confirm your timing in Horseshoe Bay to catch the boat to camp. 

    What kind of qualifications does the camp counselor have?

      The counsellors at camp have a variety of qualifications; Some are wilderness first aid attendants, some are lifeguards, and there are speciality instructors for dance and theatre.  All staff go through industry mandated training as outlined by the BC Camping Association and the United Church of Canada Camp Standards Manual. All staff and volunteers have up- to-date criminal record checks and standard first aid. Over 80% of the camp staff are returning each year. 

      What happens if my child gets homesick?

        All of the Fircom staff are trained to manage homesickness. If kids are homesick at camp, typically it happens on the first night. We remedy this by running high energy program on the first day to tire everyone out so they don’t stay awake feeling homesick that first night. We also find that if kids talk with their parents while at camp, they are immediately comforted, however in the long run it just makes them more homesick. For this reason we rarely allow campers to call home. If it seems like the only option, your child’s counsellor will call you first and brief you on the situation beforehand. 

        How can I contact my child while they are at camp?

          During camp, campers have no access to the phone or internet. They will not be available to take phone calls on the island because they will be having too much fun. 

          If there is an emergency, email or call the Vancouver office 604-662-7756 from 9-5, Monday to Friday. They will be able to put you in contact with the Camp Director and thereby your child. 

          My child has a disability/medical condition/wets the bed and I'm worried that if the other children find out they will be teased.

            All medical/behavioural information is kept in confidential. It will be shared with the Camp Registrar who processes the registration, the Camp Director, the Camp Nurse, and your child’s counsellors. This information will not be available to other campers or to counsellors who are not working directly with your child. 

            Our counsellors are trained on how to discreetly, and without much fuss, get kids' sleeping bag and pajamas washed when needed. It happens every year and it's no big deal. 

            What will the food be like?

              The food at camp is delicious! Every morning there is a different breakfast. Sometimes it’s pancakes, sometimes it’s eggs with bacon. But every morning there is a variety of cereal and home-made granola so if you don’t like the hot meal, you can choose to have cereal and fresh fruit ! 

              Lunches and dinners are tasty too. Sometimes we’ll have sandwiches or wraps, sometimes we’ll have macaroni and cheese and sometimes we’ll have taco salad. Fircom’s famous lasagna is a favourite dinner at camp. Some other delicious dinners are burritos or roast chicken and potatoes. Every lunch and dinner we have a big salad bar so you can make your own salad from fresh ingredients from the farm. 

              There is also a snack in the afternoon and a dessert in the evening. We take our hot chocolate down to campfire at night to enjoy under the stars. And if you really want something sweet you can buy yourself a treat in the Tuck Shop during the afternoon. 

              My child has food allergies, what will they eat?

                Please ensure that you list all of your child’s allergies on their registration form. If we have any questions about them we will contact you to clarify. Generally we can accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. If your child has multiple dietary restriction (i.e. celiac AND vegan) then we may ask you to send bread and some snacks along with them. 

                How do I know if my child is ready for camp?

                  This is a tough question. Kids can start coming to overnight camp as early as 6 years old. It really depends on how comfortable your child is being away from home. Have they gone on sleepovers in the past? Have they come to camp with you for Family Camp or Mom & Kids Camp? Are they excited about the prospect of coming to camp? There are lots of things you can do to help prepare them for camp. Read through the registration package with them, have them help pack their bags, try having a day without screens to help ease them into not having technology.

                  What kinds of safety precautions do you take at camp?

                    Fircom is accredited by the BC Camping Association and the United Church of Canada. All program areas are up to industry standard safety regulations and every week has a designated camp nurse as well as first aid attendants. 

                    Can I stay with my friend/brother/cousin?

                      Definitely. Just make sure you list the name of the person you want to stay with on . If your friend is several years older or younger than you this may mean you are with a group of kids who aren’t your age. So talk with your parents about how this will feel.

                      Where do we sleep?

                        If you are coming to Scamper Camp you will be in Craigcroft and maybe do a one night sleep out in a teepee. Craigcroft has a bunch of small rooms that hold three kids per room. Your counsellor will be in the room next door and there is a bathroom down the hall. 

                        If you are coming to Kids Camp you will be in a cabin with around 11 other kids your age. Each cabin has bunk beds so you will get to choose a top or bottom bunk. There will be two counsellors in your cabin with you.

                        Family Camp and Mom & Kids Camp will use a variety of the accommodations: Cottage, Craigcroft, Cabins and Teepees. You can read more about our accommodations on the Building Quick Facts page. 

                        Dad & Kids camp will be staying in cabins and teepees.