Polaris Outsiders

Canoeing Trip:
Dates: July 12 – 21, 2017
Cost: $900 + GST 
Includes: water taxi, food, 24/7 supervision, instruction, accommodation, activity area training and lots of fun
Ages: 13 to 16

Hiking Trip:
July 30 - Aug 4, 2017
Cost: $650 + GST
Includes: water taxi, food, 24/7 supervision, instruction, accommodation, activity area training and lots of fun
Ages: 13 to 16

Let the expedition begin...

The Polaris Outsider program is a 7 day outdoor adventure for youth to develop their outdoor strengths, leadership potential and enjoy the incredible Howe Sound region. From the sea to the mountains, the Polaris Outsiders is for youth wanting to be outside, push themselves and learn to be the leaders that their capable of becoming.

After a few days of preparation at Camp Fircom, campers will paddle a section of the newly opened Sea to Sky Marine trail, taking them north up Howe Sound towards Squamish. They will stop along the way to camp at sites on Northern Gambier island and on the Sunshine coast. The group will go on a number of hiking and day paddle trips and enjoy traditional outtrip activities with new or familiar friends. No paddling, hiking or camping experience is required as training will be provided.

Workshops will include;

  • Canoeing Level 1

  • Hiking 101

  • Backpacking

  • Leadership skills

Polaris Outsiders will practice a variety of technical skills such as fire and shelter building, leave-no-trace camping principles, camp cooking, group management and more.

While on trip, Polaris Outsiders will also discuss & practice various inter-personal skills and qualities of a leader, such as non-violent communication, conflict resolution and effective teamwork, and how to utilize these skills in their daily lives.

With guidance and support, Polaris Outsiders will have the chance to reflect on their own interpretations of spirituality and its role in our lives. Youth will be invited to explore the importance of ceremony and tradition in their lives and within the mini-community we form on trip.

Why go on an expedition-style camp?

Unlike sports camp, community day programs or the traditional sleep-away summer camp, an expedition-style camp fully immerses youth in a new experience. Getting outside and pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone, young people can begin to explore their personal strengths and areas for growth in an environment supported by competent and trained staff as well as other young people who are also experiencing something new and exciting. This is the exact environment to encourage young people to become more independant, empathetic, skilled, confident, and competent which are the best things we can hope our young people to be.

The Polaris program is supported by the Vera Radcliffe Thompson Youth Legacy Fund, a fund of Dunbar Ryerson United Church.