Activities & Services

Activities & Workshops

Kids Kayaking

Archery $45 p/hour - 1 Instructor/15 participants

Canoeing $45 per hour - 1 Instructor/ 8 participants

  • 2 voyageur canoes (10 ppl each) & 8 canoes (2 per boat)

Cooking - $35 per hour, 1 Instructor: 6-8 participants

Crafts - $35 per hour, 1 Instructor: 20 participants (small fee for supplies)

Farming to Fork- $40 per hour, 1 Instructor/12 participants

  • Program can be tailored to age group & based in the garden or awareness workshops about sustainable food consumption, food mapping & the cycle of food production

Hiking $40 per hour -1 Instructor/10-15 participants

  • Mt. Artaban (challenging, intermediate- four hours)

  • Halkett Bay (easy-two hours)

Guided Nature Walks $40, 1 Instructor/10-15 participants

Kids in the craft class
  • Same as hikes above with  landscape, fauna & flora interpretation

Kayaking $45 per hour- 1 Instructor/ 8 participants, 8 single canoes, 2 doubles

Leadership Workshops $225 - 3 hours, 1 instructor/12 participants

Orienteering - $25 per hour, 1 Instructor: 20 Participant

  • Participants will be introduced to compasses and bearings, using them with a map, guide themselves around camp & complete a mini scavenger hunt.

Snorkeling $45 per hour, 1 Instructor/8 participants

Swimming $55 per hour, 1 Instructor/30 participants

Wide Field Games $40 per hour, 1 Instructor/20 participants

  • Options: Capture the Flag, Bring Home The Bacon, Man Hunt, Predator & Prey

Wilderness Survival - $45 per hour, 1 Instructor: 15 participants

  • Whatever you can imagine

Services & Amenities

Massage Outdoor

Fircom offers many affordable services and add-ons upon request. By having a host of skilled contractors Fircom can find the right professional to offer your group the following services:

  • Massage
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Make-up
  • Flowers
  • Musical accompaniment
  • etc.

We also offer a Host Service package for groups that want a bit more relaxing and a bit less roughing it. The Host Service can be taken for any day of your stay at Fircom. Depending on the day the service can include:

  • Dock pick-up or drop-off from your buildings,
  • Buildings pre-heated for your arrival,
  • Replenishment of wood for fires including fire starting and stoking,
  • Programming for whatever interests you,
  • Cleaning all of the areas you used on the last day.

Guests may also decide that they have run out of time and take cleaning on an hourly basis to finish up from however far they have gotten.