The Farm

The Fircom Organic Farm 

Fircom staff are passionate about living their values and one means of doing so is the farm and orchard. In 2010, Fircom began cultivating 1/2 an acre of vegetable production and a 1/4 acre of fruit trees  from previously compacted, barren soil. The farm processes more than three tonnes of organic waste annually into rich fertile soil to provide a feast of vegetables, enabling a “30 metre diet”.

Campers, Outdoor School participants, wedding guests and private renters are invited to discover methods of sustainable crop production as Fircom farm staff teach the science behind food systems through ‘Hands in the Dirt’ experiential workshops.

The farm and orchard are an attempt to achieve a harmonious balance with the natural world. How lightly can we tread upon the earth? How does the earth respond when we care for it and cultivate it thoughtfully? These are the questions that we ponder and take action to find answers to at Fircom.

Much of the produce from the Farm ends up in beautiful meals or in the delicious and colourful salad bar served at each lunch and dinner. 

Being served 30 paces from where it was grown is as local as it gets!


The Fircom Farm accepts interns between April - October. Interns work with Farm staff for a minimum of 1 month, assisting in all farm tasks and farm education programs. Hands in the dirt education is infused with information about topics such as crop planning, plant and soil management, permaculture, livestock-poultry and much more!
Contact the Fircom office, 604-662-7756, to arrange a market table at your church, to book a farm tour or arrange farm programming during your event at Fircom, or to find out how you can get involved or volunteer.