Sustainability at Camp

The goal of Fircom is to create opportunities for guests, campers, and staff to live in healthy, sustainable community in nature. To create those opportunites Fircom assess all of the impacts it has upon the land: waste, cleaning, food, farm, and energy.  Learn more about any of these systems through our drop-down menu above.

Zero Waste

Fircom aspires to be a zero waste facility. We ask everyone at camp to take responsibility for their own consumption. There are always seconds and no one goes hungry at meal times, but in this place of plenty, we ask people to take what they need and eat what they take. Through the composting system and biodegradable tea packaging NO food waste is created during meal times in the Dining Hall. The food orders that come in by boat do create waste so Fircom uses the cardboard boxes for mulch in the garden and plastic packaging, bottles, and cans are recycled where possible.