Polaris C.I.T. Program

Become a Counselor in Training!

Dates: July 16 – August 11, 2017
Cost: $1350
Ages: 16-17
Includes: (water taxi, food, 24/7 supervision, instruction, accommodation, activity area training)

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The Polaris CIT program focuses on developing, administering and enhancing individual leadership skills and abilities through direct interaction with campers, program areas, camplife and within the C.I.T group experience.

Polaris CIT is a 25 day intensive program for youth who are 16 or 17 years old. The program is instructed and facilitated by full time CIT Coordinator, who provides leadership, support, and training throughout the program. Polaris CIT is for youth wanting to become a future camp staff by getting the specific skills needed to be self-propelled, confident and competent. All youth will be trained in all areas of camp including food service, farm, site, program, counselling and safety. This program not only prepares youth for working at a camp, but will also give them valuable employment training by expecting a level of responsibility and initiative that will be expected of them in any workplace.

The program focus during the first week is primarily on leadership and programming workshops facilitated by the Polaris CIT coordinator, program manager and veteran Fircom staff. The second and third week will see CITs’ participate in various roles including program instruction, cabin placement internship and working within camp operations. The last four days of the program will see Polaris CIT group design and deliver several camp wide theme activities, an overnight out trip and a graduation ceremony.

Youth participating Polaris CIT are using the experience and training to become a future staff either at Fircom or at other camps. Once they complete the CIT program they will be put onto Fircom’s on call list for any programming work opportunities that will arise throughout the year. Youth will be given a work reference letter and leadership certificate following completion of the program.


Polaris CIT workshops cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Creating a Welcoming Environment

  • Developing leadership and camper care skills.

  • Group development & processing, behaviour management

  • Effective communication skills such as active listening and decision making

  • Special event and theme based program planning

  • Health & Safety

  • Proficiency with activity area instruction such as canoeing, kayaking, SUP, archery, wilderness, orienteering, outtrips,

  • Operations – food services, farming, renewable energy, site maintenance, housekeeping

  • And More!


Polaris CIT participants are paired with a camper cabin for two weeks at Camp. During the last week of the CIT program, participants are fully immersed in cabin life, spending much of their time with their cabin group.

Polaris CITs are mentored by the cabin counsellor, and can look forward to taking leadership roles in cabin choice programs, evening programs and section-based activities.

Additionally, all Polaris CITs have the opportunity to go on an overnight trip with their cabin, allowing them to take on a leadership role in the canoe-trip environment. The internship provides the opportunity for participants to gain leadership experience by working directly with children.

Polaris CITs also assist in facilitating evening programs, Camp wide games, and Daily Options. This provides the unique opportunity for hands-on experience and allows CITs to develop as program and activity facilitators.

Polaris CIT Coordinator provides feedback to all CIT participants on an ongoing basis throughout the month, including a formal mid-month and end of month sit-down feedback.


The Polaris program is supported by the Vera Radcliffe Thompson Youth Legacy Fund, a fund of Dunbar Ryerson United Church.