Dad & Kids Camp

DATES: Friday to Sunday
  > June 1 - 3, 2018
Kids ages 3-12 + Dads of all kinds
  > Adults: $240 + GST
  > Kids: $160 + GST

All About Quality Time!

A weekend at Camp Fircom gives dads an opportunity to connect with their children and enjoy a variety of fun programs on offer. Dad & Kids Camp is a blend of structure and choice, giving you a chance to play, relax, discover learn and share with other dads. 

After arriving and settling into your accommodation Friday evening, you'll have time to get to know your fellow campers with some games, campfire and snacks. Late night programs offer dads & kids options to unwind as they choose. Saturday morning you can participate in morning reflection and/or take a tip in the ocean before enjoying a fantastic breakfast. The morning and afternoon program sessions will feature a variety of options suitable for a wide age-range. Plus, if you want to have some free time to nap or hang-out as a family, you can do that too as none of the session options are mandatory!

The real magic of dad and kids is about relishing an entire weekend uninterrupted by phones, chores, tasks and obligation. The only commitment is to savour the weekend and the opportunity for connection it provides. Uncles, grandpas, and all male caregivers are all welcome.

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Weekend Activities

  • Archery
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/SUP Boarding
  • Swimming & Morning Dip
  • Fort & raft building
  • Arts & crafts
  • Campfire cookouts, smores
  • Hiking
  • Farm & forage

Accommodation Options






There are six cabins at Fircom. Each one has eight or nine bunk beds. During Mom & Kids week we house 3 or 4 families in this space. Cabins one and two have a small side room that is curtained off for extra privacy.

Cabins are the true camp experience! They are quite spacious with only 3 or 4 families. This option is the best if you are coming with friends and would like to share!

There are no washrooms in the cabins. It is a short walk to the washrooms in Lower Jubilee. This is shared accommodation with an open floor plan. There is not as much privacy as you would have in Craigcroft.


There are four teepees in the teepee village. They have wooden floors and sleeping mats. Each teepee houses one family. The closest washrooms are a short walk away in the Dining Hall.

The teepees offer more privacy than the Cabins and are great for a larger family looking for a more rustic experience.

The teepees are more open-air than any other accommodation. This means that there can be bugs.


Bring your own tent and we'll find a nice, flat shady spot for you to set it up in!   Your choice of spot!  Varying distance to washrooms and the potential for bugs.