Counsellor In Training (CIT) Program

Become a Counselor in Training!

CIT: 2-weeks + Volunteering (optional)
  > July 16 - 27, 2018
  > July 30 - August 10, 2018
AGES: 16-17
COST: $625 + GST
INCLUDES: water taxi, food, 24/supervision, flat-water tandem 1 & 2 canoe certification, activity area training, youth-care experience + volunteer opportunities.

The CIT program focuses on developing, administering and enhancing individual leadership skills and abilities through direct interaction with campers, staff, program areas, camp life and group experiences within he CIT campers community.

This 2-week immersive program is for youth, ages 16-17, who want to gain valuable job experience, experience in outdoor and experiential education and work to become future leaders in their community. Facilitated by our most experienced Camp staff, participants are given ongoing mentorship, support and training through the program, with opportunities to foster, develop and expand their own style of leadership. CIT not only prepares youth for working in a camp environment, but will also give them valuable employment training by fostering a level of responsibility and initiative that will travel with them into future careers.

Leadership and programming workshops, training in all areas of camp including program facilitation, child & youth-care, risk-management considerations, as well as the opportunity to design and facilitate their own wide-game & theme day events. The program includes a 3-day cabin placement, gaining hands-on youth-care experience as well as an overnight out-trip and graduation ceremony.

AFTER CIT & Volunteering
Following CIT Training, participants will have the chance to volunteering at Fircom in a staff-capacity for the remainder of the summer and will be eligible (pending age) to be formally hired on staff in the following year.

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Bus & Boat Information

  • MONDAY, July 16th & July 30th
    Depart Horseshoe Bay -- 10:00am
  • FRIDAY, July 27th & August 10th
    Depart Fircom -- 10:30

More Info

 If you have any questions, please read out Summer Camp FAQ page or call our office at 604-662-7756

The Polaris program is supported by the Vera Radcliffe Thompson Youth Legacy Fund, a fund of Dunbar Ryerson United Church.