Yoga and the Wild Heart

A personal respite to engage with your spirit in the woods

Looking for more joy, movement, and play in your life? 

Give yourself a “solo” experience.

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When: Friday (5:00 pm) to Sunday (1300 pm), November 9-12, 2018
Where: Fircom (Gambier Island)
Who: Adults, ages 19+ years
Cost: $550 Craigcroft Accommodation, $650 Cottage Accommodation
   Includes return water taxi from Horseshoe Bay, all food, accommodation and programming.
Packing List: Water bottle, yoga mat, journal, toiletries, clothing for all types of weather/activity. Craigcroft guests will bring a sleeping bag and pillow. 

Where is Fircom?

Camp Fircom is just 60 minutes via public transit from downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay and then a short 20-minute water taxi ride to the camp. 

Why Fircom?

Fircom is an out



5:00 pm Depart Horseshoe Bay for Fircom
6:00 pm Dinner in the woods
7:00 pm Workshop: Nature of Self
8:00 pm Kasota: Set up camp and enjoy the sunset
8:30 pm Group campfire and spirit chat


7:00 am Morning Grace dip in the ocean
7:30 am Meditation and yoga
8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am Solo skills including knots, tarps, ropes, shelter building and safety
11:00 am Ceremony and last meal pre-solo
11:30 am Hike to your Solo spot
12:00 pm Solo begins


12:00 pm Solo ends, hike back to camp
12:30 pm Brunch and debrief your experience with the group
  3:00 pm Group ceremony
  4:00 pm Depart Fircom for Horseshoe Bay

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