Fircom has a new series of women’s retreats called ReImagine. These retreats are an invitation to women to reimagine who they are and what they do through experiential programming led by fabulous, female instructors. Women will be provided with the time and opportunity to challenge themselves, growing a little, relaxing a lot, and having some space to remember to be playful and joyous.

Each retreat will have a unique focus such as appearance, endurance, relaxation, and introspection so that many women can find something to their own taste. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of giving to ones relationships be they family, friends or work, so it is important that women make sure they take time to explore and create their own life story.

    ReImagine: At Home in the WildReImagine Hike Women Retreat

    Friday, June 13 - Sunday June 15
    Ages 18+

    When was the last time you pushed yourself to take a real adventure?

    If you have ever yearned for big adventure, but secretly been terrified you'll end up lost in the woods, this is the weekend for you. This women's-only adventure will provide the challenges and skills needed to become a confident outdoorswoman in a supportive, welcoming environment. 

    Each woman will learn to tie knots, gain basic navigational and first aid skills, cook nutritious light-weight camp meals, practice starting fires, build their own shelter Saturday night, chop firewood, become versed in water purification methods, explore Gambier Island and gaze up at the stars!

    The group will arrive on Friday night and begin learning and preparing for the hike and finish packing the groups supplies. There will be a campfire for those too amped up to sleep or people can hit the hay early and get some zzzzs. In the morning the group will set out on a hike that will take them all the way across Gambier Island, from Fircom to Douglas Bay and on to New Brighton - see this map to get a feel for the hike.  

    After hiking all day Saturday the group will make camp at the north end of the Island near Douglas Bay and spend the evening star gazing, telling tales and perfecting its camp craft. Be prepared to rough it - sleeping in a tarp and rope shelters you built yourself. The next morning everyone will hike out with the knowledge that they can do anything. Astound yourself!

    EARLY BIRD $300 +GST.  Regular Price $360 + GST

    Early Bird ends May 15th. Price includes accommodation on Friday night, meals throughout, programming, and round trip water taxi


    Shannon Wilson - Lead Guide

    Shannon comes from Toronto and brings with her over 20 years of camping experience from camps all over Ontario. The past eight years Shannon has called Whistler home while helping direct a summer camp and building and directing an Outdoor Education Centre in Squamish.  Shannon is passionate about taking youth & adults into the backcountry and has lead many trips into the alpine coastal mountains, lakes around the sunshine coast and ocean hikes along the West Coast Trail.  With over 10 years of guiding experience Shannon is driven to empowering others to enjoy the outdoors as much as she does. She holds a 90 Hour Wilderness First Aid Certificate.

    Margo Dunnet - Assistant Guide

    Margo is the Business Operations Director at Camp Fircom.  Margo has run overnight women's-only canoe trips for her friends and recognizes and importance of creating safe space for women to take charge of their outdoor experiences.  Still a relative novice to the outdoors, ReImagine: At Home in the Woods is Margo's chance to bring together a like-minded group of women to learn the skills to confidently plan and enjoy outdoor adventures for years to come.  Margo holds a 50 Wilderness First Aid Certificate.

    Packing List

    Coming soon in more detail. 

    The general gist for now is that each participant will need sturdy shoes, warm clothes, a sleeping bag and a large backpack. Food will be coordinated as a group and divided among the group. Tarps, ropes, and sleeping pads to create the shelters will be provided. 

    If you have any questions about the retreat please call Margo Dunnet at the Fircom office, 604-662-7756, or email 

    Why you should attend?

    • You are so tired you can’t remember the last time you woke up before your alarm
    • You start twitching whenever someone asks you what’s for dinner
    • You long to run wild through the woods and feel like a kid again
    • You want to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you believe
    • You have a fantastic relationship with your sister (or mother, aunt, cousin, co-worker, friend) that you haven’t had time to nurture.
    • You honestly can’t think of the last thing you did for you and you alone!