Outdoor School

Fircom Outdoor School: Big Ideas Immersed in Nature

As education continues to evolve, everyone knows that teacher directed, pen and paper, lecture-only styles of teaching is a thing of the past. With the new curriculum on the forefront of education in BC, adaptations to the way kids are living and growing are now a necessity in the classroom. Camp Fircom delivers on these Big Ideas and Core Competencies with an incredibly successful experience in nature.    

We are educators that care about your kids success as much as you do. Life-lessons and teachable moments are woven seamlessly into our ridiculously fun programs. Kids will be laughing and high fiving their way to higher levels of learning about both themselves and the world we live in.   

Program Streams 

 Our three program streams are customized based on your Personalized Learning Approach Profile: 

  1. Challenge Yo Self!Push your body to the limits for increased level of physical exertion and challenging individual and team activities 
  2. Level Up Brain! Focused on increased cognitive understanding and critical thinking about what's really going on in the world today
  3. Gimme that Zen!Focused on exploration of self, transformational experiences through mindfulness in nature. 

Regardless of which stream you choose, we work with your students on:  

  • Food growth and distribution through our Farm to Fork program 
  • Sustainable resource management with our renewable energy demonstrations 
  • Personal and social responsibility through community and team building 
  • Community organization, leadership and social justice locally and globally in today's world
  • Importance of stories, traditions and generational legacies through traditional Camp Fircom culture

For more information, please download our Information Package

Please email info@fircom.ca to save your date for Fircom Outdoor School and to schedule a meeting with our program manager.