Well, there is some big news happening in the Fircom team, that is both good and sad. 

It is with a heavy heart that I am going to be saying goodbye to Fircom and you incredible people here in April. An opportunity has come up to work for the Squamish Nation that, after heavy deliberation and many conversations, I just cannot say no to... It was no where near an easy decision, but because of it's connection to my schooling, my passion for youth work, and my own continued learning in reconciliation, it's the right place for me to step in to.

Margo and the core team have been incredibly supportive as leaving Fircom is never easy. However as is often the case when you're connected to such a magical place, it is never a firm goodbye! 

I will be staying on to help support Fircom through the transition over the next couple weeks to finish off summer hiring, as well as outdoor school prep, setting up the summer for success programmatically & organizationally and training the next Program Manager. I will also be on contract through the spring supporting camp where needed, including Camp Suzuki planning, AND it is very likely that I will be out with you at Fircom for our final week of kids camp/Camp Suzuki with the Squamish Nation!

On the new Program Manager front, Margo and I have been working to make things as seamless as possible, including having someone step in to this role quickly who is both competent & capable, creative & energetic and knows not only camp, but out-tripping, guiding, naturalist programming and has a vision for where Fircom can go. With that, we were excited to interview and now welcome Marissa Gilmour as our new Summer Camp & Outdoor Education Manager! Marissa is an outdoor educator, sea-kayak guide and naturalist. She was the Leadership Director for Camp Chief Hector YMCA, grew up going there as a camper herself and is very experienced when it comes to child-centred program development, out-tripping and staff support. She has worked as an Educator with Ripple Effect in Portland, Maine guiding & designing curriculum, as a Naturalist Intern with Foothill Horizons Outdoor School in California and as the Coordinator of a Sea Kayaking Program at College of The Atlantic in Bar Harbor. Marissa came to know Fircom through the outdoor school season last fall as one of our staff, so some of you may know her, and we're excited she's stepping in to this role! 

I am going to be working with Marissa over the next couple weeks to bring her up to speed on all that Fircom does and can do, showing her the places where we've grown and the places where we can grow into, and to help her make this summer the best one yet :)

If you have any questions let me know, I haven't gone anywhere yet. And in the meantime, thank you thank you thank you for all of your love, support, friendship and dedicated work to youth and the mission of what we are doing here.

Calder Cheverie
Outdoor School & Summer Camp Manager

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