Be a part of the fun!

Upcoming Opportunity: Volunteer Farm Weekend October 19th-21st. Email info@fircom.ca for more info and to RSVP

Site Crew

Volunteer Parties

Many hands make light work! To speed through big tasks, Fircom organizes volunteer parties where groups of friends and individuals come up to tackle projects. These happen most often in the off-season (Oct to Apr).

Everyone is welcome to be part of our volunteer community. No specific skills are needed. Jobs range from (but are not limited to) site projects of varying intensity to cleaning, organizing, creative projects, etc. Come to share, come to learn!

Fircom provides warm, comfortable accommodation and covers the cost of water taxi. Volunteers can expect to put in 6 hours per day with lots of time left-over for relaxing meals or games and campfires in the evening. A communal kitchen is made available for everyone to bring food and eat together and people are paired up to share meal responsibilities. Some events are family-friendly with people taking turns doing child care.