The United Church

ChristiansCamp Fircom was founded by First United Church, a local church on the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and a member of the United Church of Canada. In 1979, Camp Fircom established a non-profit to run the camp and be a bit more independent. Many of the staff, campers, and renters at Fircom are members of the United Church, but many are not. During Fircom programs there are often spiritual components and time for reflection. Fircom’s goal is to provide a safe space for Christians and other religions to worship while creating space for others to question and explore their own spirituality.

Camp Fircom of the United Church of CanadaThe United Church of Canada stands by sacraments like baptism and communion; supports marriage of same-sex couples, previously divorced people, couples of different religions, and all people; and views the religious practices of all people of goodwill with respect and gratitude.

The United Church of Canada has a strong social justice orientation. Caring for one another was central to Jesus’ teachings: Feed the hungry, satisfy the thirsty, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit those in prison. The United Church of Canada works with 143 churches and organizations from around the world to support the work they see as vital to their well-being.

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