Staff Members

Year Round Staff Team

Camp Fircom's year-round staff team consists of an Executive Director, Rentals & Marketing Manager, Site Manager, Program & Finance Manager, Head Chef, Administrative Assistant, Site Assistant who work with the Board of Directors to carry out Fircom’s mission.

Margo Dunnet

Executive Director

Margo Dunnet

Margo has over fifteen year’s administrative experience and has a background in non-profit management.

Margo has a Bachelor's of Communication from SFU and is a self-described policy wonk. Nothing makes her happier than having her ducks in a row. Margo has done everything under the sun at Fircom: bookkeeping, finances, human resources, administration, fundraising. In 2016, she is refocusing her work on the Rentals (corporate and weddings) and Marketing aspects of Fircom. 




Marissa Gilmour, Summer Camp & Outdoor School Manager

Marissa is a recovering clown trying to get her life together. In all honesty though, she is the masterful wizard who hails from a long outdoor education background. She brings her skills and years of experience to Camp Fircom, and will be the one making all the summer camp magic happen.  

Ana-Luz Cobon, Food & Farm Service Manager

Ana-Luz Cobon is a trained chef and very passionate about sustainable food systems. Ana-Luz has been volunteering at Fircom since 2002 and working in the Fircom kitchen for over 6 years making delicious, healthy meals and developing quality camp and banquet catering menus. 

Matt Young, Site Manager

Matt, a seasoned Fircomite, started volunteering back in 2011. Matt has worked the past two years as Fircom's full time Assistant Site Manager and has recently taken on the role of Site Manager. Matt is the keeper of knowledge, he knows pretty much everything about Fircom and this part of the island. 

Bruce Haines, Assistant Site Manager

Bruce is the Robin to Matt’s Batman. Bruce is a resident jack-of-trades: beekeeper, bike mechanic, banjo player. He’s happy to lend a hand where you need it and will also be working diligently around the clock to ensure that camp purrs like the Gator’s engine. 

Rowan Sylvester, Camp Registrar & Admin Assistant

Rowan joined the Camp Fircom team in the fall of 2017. Based in the Vancouver office, Rowan is responsible for the registration of campers and families in Fircom programs. Having grown up going to summer camp, she knows how magical it can be, and helps coordinate the needs of campers and staff all year round. You’ll see Rowan on the busses to and from Horseshoe Bay!