Camp Fircom is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board meets once a month, except July and August, to discuss how the mission is being met along with running committees that delve into finance, fundraising, and governance strategies.

Board of Directors:

Josh Kellar - Board Chair

Max Serpa - Treasurer

Rachel Phillips - Secretary

Ann V'ant Riet

Bronwyn Carrodus

Daphne Woo

Jillian Wheatley

Join the Board

With 90 years of building community, a solid reputation for unique programming, and a vision for sustainability, Fircom is leading the renewal of 'camp' in British Columbia. 

Be part of this positive change and join the Camp Fircom Society Board of Directors. 

Accessible meeting schedules, focused use of your skills, and a local network of social entrepreneurs. 

To apply, email Josh Kellar, Fircom's Board Chair, with an application Board of Directors Application